To yearn for a day

The Shoemaker's Daughter. A memoir of days, both past and present, by Rhonda Mason.

Sometimes I yearn to be by myself.

To run away for a day. (Maybe even two.)

To have a day to my own thoughts.

A day to rest.

A day to breathe.

A day to be free.

A day to be still.

A day to simply – be.

  • Anika said:

    Yes. Ditto. And maybe go to the bathroom by myself. :)

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      That is so funny, Anika. And so true.
      Ronnie xo

  • I'm so feeling like this right now. I feel like this all the time but for some reason I've been feeling it more acutely the past few days. I can just imagine myself lying in a hammock, under a tree with a good book and a sparkling mineral water (I don't drink). No deadlines, no nagging children, not having to be constantly alert and aware of what they are up to. Bliss.

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      Oh Katherine, yup, that's exactly what I'm feeling....
      There must a retreat for doing just that. Maybe we need to start one.
      Ronnie xo

  • EmGem said:

    I yearn for these things too.
    Half a day even

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      I'll take half a day too!!
      Ronnie xo
      p.s. So lovely to know you've reading along, EmGem.

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