The day before

The day before—The Shoemaker's Daughter (A memoir of days by Rhonda Mason)
The day before Lewis’ birth day, we stay at home.

I potter about the house—tidying, putting things away, nesting. I also play games with each of older boys: Chinese Checkers with Pete, Mastermind with Gus, and Pick Up Sticks with James. The boys stay in their pyjamas all day. Lego comes out in full force—amongst other things, Gus makes the word, “Super.” Bear plays with his carpenter tool set, and the big boys all finish their find-a-words from church on Sunday. Rick keeps us fed and full all day, whilst also squeezing in some reading and getting the washing on the line.

We are all excited about meeting this new baby of ours tomorrow. At bedtime, we take family selfies in James and Pete’s bedroom with our selfie stick, as well as a video. When it’s time to say goodnight, I give each of the boys an extra big hug, telling each of them how much I love them.

Later at night, I work on our family life album, and then I finish packing my hospital bags. Pa and Nan arrive sometime in the evening. Over cups of hot tea and hot Milo, we chat briefly around the meals’ table—giving thanks for each of the boys—before bidding each other goodnight. Upstairs, Rick and I shower, embrace, kiss, pray, and take selfies with just the two of us.

Before we sleep, I take out Rick’s phone and look at our family selfie with the four boys.

My heart swells.

We look so happy. So joyful. I love the fact that I am wearing Rick’s grey hoodie, and I love how beautiful and round my tummy looks.

i think back to a selfie that Rick and I took in September 2007, less than two weeks before Cameron died.

We looked so happy in that photo too. So joyful. And my tummy was just as round.

After Cameron’s death, I was convinced that we would never ever look that happy again.

But looking at the family photo in the palm of my hand, God has proved me wrong.

Yes, He took Cameron away.

But He has also blessed us more abundantly than we could ever have imagined.

Lewis Cameron Mason, we love you deeply, and we cannot wait to meet you…

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