Sometimes, I wonder

The Shoemaker's Daughter. A memoir of days, both past and present, by Rhonda Mason.

What do they whisper to each other when the lights are out?

What do they laugh and chuckle about in the mornings before we go in to them?

How will their friendship evolve and change as they get older?

Will they remain close?

Will they be there for each other?

Will they keep remembering Cameron as their eldest brother?

Will they grow up to be Christian men?

Will they have children of their own?

Will they be happy?

Will they be safe from harm?

Will they outlive us?

Will they remember their childhood with fondness?

Will they always know how much I love them?

All the time, I wonder.

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      It's impossible not to, isn't it? Thank you for visiting here, Neelu.
      Ronnie xo

  • They are happy, Rhonda. See those smiles? They are and will and forever will be happy to be with you and each other. :)

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      Thank you, Debie.
      (I'm so touched that you are here, reading.)
      Ronnie xo

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