“He’s one of the brothers.”

The Shoemaker's Daughter. A memoir of days, both past and present, by Rhonda Mason.

It is evening.

Three of the boys have finished dinner and have gone upstairs with daddy to get ready for their bath.

I’ve stayed behind with Jamie, as he is still finishing off his lamb, rice, and yoghurt.

He wants to play with chopsticks.

Instead, I pull out Cameron’s photos from my wallet and we look through them together.

He says: “Cameron lives in heaven. He has a new body. But he’s one of the brothers.”

And then: “I’m also sad. He’s one of the big boys.”

And then: “Why does he have a hole in his cheek?”

(I explain that his skin got broken when he was coming out of mummy.)

And then: “What if we can’t talk in heaven and we can’t talk to Cameron?”

(I reassure him that we can.)

And then: “I really love Cameron…”

  • Kathy said:

    It's lovely that the little ones talk of Cameron as their brother in everyday life. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      I know - it makes my heart so glad.
      Ronnie xo

  • Steffie said:

    That is so touching and sweet. Seems to me your boys are so wise for their ages and can speak so well! It's wonderful Cameron will always be a part of not only your, but their lifes as well!

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      They are truly gorgeous, the way they remember Cameron as one of their own.
      Ronnie xo

  • Tori said:

    Oh, Ronnie.

    I often read your posts out loud because your words deserve not just to be read, but listened to, as well. They bring life to my silence. To my quiet moments. It's as though the love you pour out of your heart, and onto this space, surrounds me. And I'm grateful, always so grateful.

    It's beautiful that Cameron, as Steffie says, is not just a part of your life, but of the boys, too. Your family is so special.

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      I can't tell you how moved I am by your message. To know that you read my posts out loud - I can't even begin to describe what a beautiful honour that is.
      Ronnie xo

      • Tori said:


        Do trust me when I say the honour is all mine.


  • Kelly said:

    Remembrance...what a wonderful conversation between you two about your son and Jamie's brother. I love reading your blogs and love how much soul you put onto "paper". Truly special.

    • Rhonda Mason said:

      Thank you Kelly. That means a lot to me.
      Ronnie xo

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