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My friends call me Ronnie, and you can too. I’m a graphic designer by trade, and a neat freak by nature. I started my own commercial design studio in 2005 and ran it for seven years. These days, you will find me over at LIFE:CAPTURED, blogging about memory keeping and teaching workshops and online masterclasses on graphic design and photo organisation.
I live in Sydney with my man, Rick, and five of our six little boys. We lost our first son, Cameron, at 41 weeks, and we will miss him for the rest of our lives. Motherhood makes me want to cry and dance all at once. My boys are a treasure. They teach me something new every day.

Prior to The Shoemaker’s Daughter, I blogged at Pink Ronnie for twelve years. I loved that space of mine. It was my creative outlet and sanctuary. I made many friends there, and I learnt so much through blogging there, day after day.

Recently, when I found out that my mother has a cyst in her brain, something shifted in me. I decided that something needed to change. I needed to start documenting my family’s story, in earnest, before it became too late.

It all comes down to this: I am here to preserve our story.

Our family’s story. Our children’s story. My parents’ story. Cameron’s story. My story.

Yes, I will fill this space up with stories.

Stories of our everyday life. Stories of our everyday rituals. Stories about little moments, life-changing moments, and all the moments in between. Stories of motherhood. Stories of fatherhood. Stories about raising boys. Stories about innocence, and stories about becoming. Stories about childhood and how quickly it passes us by. Stories of joy and laughter. Stories of heartache of tears. Stories of light and shade. Stories of never-ending love and stories of undying grief. Stories from the past. Stories from the present. Stories of past generations, this generation, and the next generation.

This will be both a written memoir and a visual memoir.

Some days, there will be words here. Some days you will find only imagery. Both, I believe, are essential in documenting this life of ours.

Life moves too rapidly.

I want to slow down every day, to stop, and to record. I want to pause long enough to cherish the little details of life. I want to document where my children are at today, where our family life is at right now.

I don’t want life to become a blur.

In ten years’ time, I want solid memories to grasp hold of. I want to remember milestones, meltdowns, events, discoveries, jokes, words, conversations, and emotions. I want to remember the things that made me laugh and the things that made me cry. I want to remember the things my boys said and did and the million ways in which they’re different and the same all at once. I want to remember the colour of the sky on a summer evening, the flowers from my mum’s backyard, the smile on my boys’ faces, the golden light in my studio on a Sunday afternoon, and the way twilight transforms day into night in the most beautiful way possible.

And in honour of my mother, I have named this blog after her.

My grandfather was a shoemaker. He had one son, four daughters, another son, and another four daughters. Tragically, two of his children died when they were young.

My mum was Number Six.

And for me, that’s where it all began…

* * *

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(All images and words on this site are my original work. Please do not reproduce without written permission. Copyright © 2018 Rhonda Mason.)

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